Sunday, January 18, 2015


There are many HOW-TOs on building "home made" spin coaters from standard off-the-shelf components (including the SCK-200 Kits), but almost of those require at least an intermediate level of electronics and software development skills, along with the fabrication of various custom parts.

This makes is difficult for an average person to undertake such a project.  So using what was leaned from designing a high precision, computer-controlled spin coater, we came up with an approach which will allow for the building of a high precision spin coater with much less effort than was required previously.  Only familiarity with Linux operating system, and basic fabrication skills are needed.

This is accomplish by leveraging a RaspberryPi + PiTFT Touch Screen, USB Stepper Motor Controller, High Speed Stepper Motor, a pair of low-cost CD Cake Boxes, and Java Control Software to tie all the components together.  The design archives speeds of 5,000 RPM with +/- 2 rpms resolution, and has a BOM cost of less than $300.